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Latest News

2020 'BOND, JAMES BOND' 999.9 Gold Proof Coins
(Very Limited edition first of a 3 coin issue) 

The first release in the James Bond collection – a coin featuring the Aston Martin DB5. As we pay tribute to the evolution of Bond and the secret agent we see today, we look back at the origins of the world-famous spy. When 007 first appeared on our screens in 1962, in Dr. No, he is playing a hand of cards at a casino table. Bond introduces himself to the other poker players, and the film audience, with the iconic line ‘Bond, James Bond’.

2020 Queen Elizabeth II 'BOND, JAMES BOND' 999.9 Gold Proof Coins  : Limited Availability : CLICK TO VISIT IN STORE 


2020 Gold BU Matt Finish Sovereign
(Featuring the George III Mint Mark for 2020 Only) 

200th Anniversary of the death of King George III this specially struck sovereign carries the Mark of George III and is struck with Matt finish. The sovereign is presented within box and numbered certificate limited to maximum issue limit of just 12,000. The George III mark within date area is exclusive to the this issue and does not appear on the standard BU sovereign for 2020.

2020 Queen Elizabeth II BU Matt Finish 200th Anniversary Gold Sovereign : Limited Availability : CLICK TO VISIT IN STORE 

2020 Gold Proof Sovereign Collection
(Featuring the George III Mint Mark for 2020 Only)


The 2020 Gold Sovereign Collection features the classic St George and the Dragon design, But with the addition of the George III Mint mark to celebrate 200 years since the minting of the modern Double and Quintuple Sovereign coins that started in 1820.


The original St George reverse has been digitally remastered by computer by the mint to make this years coin as sharp and as close to the original as possible. Why not visit our EXTENSIVE ONLINE STORE