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Investing in Gold Coins

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 In times of low growth, poor stock returns and world instability GOLD often becomes an attractive investment. Indeed the recommendation from leading stockbrokers is that you should have at least 10% of your portfolio invested in gold. Many of our customers are coin collectors who simply combine an enjoyable hobby with their investments. This can be a dangerous and costly route to take without expert advice. If you are considering making gold or coins or both part of your investments we would urge you to read the following paragraphs before setting out on such a venture.


Common Mistakes

By far and away the biggest mistake made by investing coin collectors is their initial choice of direction or lack of it.Many choose the wrong coins or badly graded examples and pay too much, everyday customers present coins they thought were top grade examples or worth several hundred pounds only to be told that their coins are only worth a fraction of that value. The internet has brought the world of coins into the living rooms of everyone and almost any coin can be found by just the push of a few buttons, but beware! There are many unscrupulous sellers out there trying and succeeding on many occasions to sell falsely graded coins for vastly inflAted prices to the unsuspecting collector. Just one look at auction sites such as EBay will reveal many of these and indeed our customers report their horror stories on a daily basis. We want you to avoid this from the very start.


Why Allgold is Different

We specialise in providing the right coins of the right grade at the right price. We tailor investment packages to your needs whether you are looking to spend £500 or £10,000 or even invest on a monthly basis. We have connections world-wide which enable us to buy the very best coins at the best prices from extremely rare examples to bullion grade coins. If you are looking for some of the rarest sovereigns out there then talk to us. We also specialise in providing those coins which are on the rise, we have watched prices for some sovereigns such as William IV rise by 3 or 4 times in the past 2 to 3 years, we are in tune with the market and know exactly which coins are becoming sought after. We regularly contribute new found varieties to Spink for inclusion in New Catalogues. In short we aim to stay ahead of the market as any yearly Coin value catalogue will only be based on previously achieved prices and not what the market is actually doing now, you will have to wait for next years catalogue for that information.

So if you have decided to invest or simply want more information why not contact us its free and we are here to help.


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