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Copyright and use


Our website, and main logo are copyrighted and as such we reserve all rights to this, however, some materials such as artistic images of recently released coins are credited to their respective mint, such as the Royal Mint or Pobjoy Mint.

We use images in different ways, but mainly for 2 purposes, one is to show the image for a sales purpose, and the other is for informational purposes.

We have a large number of images of all gold coins such as sovereigns, gold £5, £2, 50 pence pieces etc, that we have taken over the years with our camera's and scanners, Although we do not claim copyright on these, We would appreciate a return link to our site in some form as a thank you if you do use any of these. Also if any of our images are used in a abusive way, We will ask for these images to be removed, And legal action may follow.

Royal mint and Pobjoy images can normally be spotted due to their artistic characteristics, We always try to mention the source of each image and credit its respective mint,

Example of a Royal mint image Example of a Pobjoy Mint image
Example of one of our images


Images and information are allowed to be used by students for educational purposes, but please check with us for full copyright information if you are not sure who owns the image.


We show logos for brands which we carry in stock, please be aware that use of these logos are restricted by copyright and should only be used with permission from the owners of the respective brand.


Our website contains information that has not only been written by ourselves but also from other contributors and from websites such as wikipedia where there is free use on the materials and information. We normally credit each section of text with its source, but please check with us if you are in any doubt.

However most information such as weights, sizes, metal content and alike are freely available and as such no copyright can be assigned to these.