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Thinking of startng a collection?

We offer help and advice freely to new collectors or investors who wish to get involved with coins or to existing collectors who are considering changing direction or expanding their collection..

Investing in Gold Bullion

Investment Gold Bullion

We offer investment bullion in many shapes and sizes, from a 1g gold ingot to 250g gold bars, bullion coins such as Great British sovereigns (new or old) to South African krugerrands

Sell your coins or get a valuation

We are always looking to buy coins of any time, but especially rare or scarce types. alternatively we are always happy to hep advise coin values for collectors.

About us

Over a decade of excellence

Allgold Coins (also known as AG Coins) has been trading since 2002 and we pride ourselves on suppling top quality rare and scarce gold coins to collectors, investors and enthusiasts alike.

We specialise in 19th centrury gold and silver coinage, mainly milled gold coins such as Sovereigns from the reigns of King George III/IV, William IV and Queen Victoria..

What We Sell

Gold Coins from the UK:

  • Rare and Scarce Sovereigns & Guineas
  • Proof Sovereigns and Sets
  • Gold Sovereign Dates and Date sets
  • Britannia Proof Sets
  • Commeorative £5, £2, £1 and 50 Pence Coins
  • Investment Bullion Bars and Coins
  • World Gold Coins

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